VDO 1381 Digital Tachograph

         Guide to local time setting


     Stoneridge SE5000 Digital

                       Version 7

            Guide to local time setting

                   Older Versions

            Guide to local time setting


     EFKON EFAS Digital

            Guide to local time setting


     Actia Smartach Digital

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Time Instruments are a VOSA approved tachograph support and training organisation we offer Technician training on both Digital and Analogue Tachograph covering all makes.

We can also offer training for Drivers, Administrators and managers on the operation and use of all makes of Digital Tachograph as well as drivers hours training.

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Analogue Tachograph:-


Time Instruments continues to provide a full service to Tachograph centres on all makes of Analogue Tachographs.  We have a full range of high quality exchange Tachographs as well as all necessary ancillary parts and calibration equipment all at competitive prices.

Digital Tachographs


Time Instruments are a leading company in tachograph service and distribution and are authorised suppliers of VDO, Stoneridge and EFAS digital tachographs.

The main purpose of the digital tachograph remains to record driving time, rest periods, and all other driver and vehicle activities in order to enforce the driver's hour's directive.

With greater integration into vehicle canbus and communication systems this information will be more readily available to the operator and the enforcement authorities.

The digital format allows for quick and easy analysis, as the information does not have to be interpreted as with the paper chart.

By producing driver and vehicle records in this digital format it will be possible for the fleet to maximise the use of vehicles and drivers without the risk of infringing the drivers hours legislation.

The main features are: -

  • 2 smart card ports for one or two driver operation
  • A built in printer unit. You can print any day's activity.
  • An LCD display. Which displays information about the vehicle and driver activity i.e. the driver can view his total driving for the last one or two weeks
  • A memory that holds the last 365 days worth of vehicle activity, faults and over speeds etc.

Siemens VDO Head Unit
Siemens VDO Head Unit

Stoneridge Electronics Head Unit

Stoneridge Electronics Head Unit

Digital Tachograph Range

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We also offer Technical support and all aspects of Training .