Ultra thin LCD flat screen
Timtach 7" Monitor

Ultra thin LCD flat screen
TFT TM-564A 5" Colour Monitor

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TIM / 840 Camera


Rear View Camera Systems


New LCD Camera System

Fit more quality into less space at a great value price.

This 7-inch colour LCD screen is available with either black and white or full colour camera options. It has been specially designed for automotive blind spot viewing. It is supplied boxed with everything required to install a one-camera rear or side view system.

To add to the numerous blind spot applications it can also accommodate an additional camera for switching between alternative views, perhaps a side view or even an internal view of your vehicle.

Helps to prevent costly accidents and to meet the demands of more and more companies that you deliver to or pick up from.

Monitor Features

  • Excellent Picture Quality.
  • Automatic Switch On.
  • One Way Audio – Hear as well as see.
  • LCD means no screen burn for longer life.
  • Switch Between Mirror and Normal View.
  • Flat screen design creates greater mounting options than on standard systems.
  • Full Contrast, Brightness and Audio Controls

Camera Features

  • First Class Image for high definition
  • Automatically Adjusts for Changing Light Conditions
  • Wide Field of View
  • Water resistant Housing and Cables
  • IP rating of 67 will withstand Pressure hose
  • Tough Durable Casing
  • Infra red LED’s (colour camera only) for operating in low light conditions